Buying Property

Years ago we fell in love with this Cajun countryside and decided to dig our family roots with its oaks.

Not only has it given us the place for our home, these four acres have provided us freedom, adventure and appreciation.

It holds our family together but gives us the space to branch apart. It’s our refuge, our land of opportunity and our field of dreams.

It is our meadow haven.

Building a Home

We will be building a modern cottage farmhouse. This cozy home will feature high peaked gables, arched doors and unique details. Most importantly, the wrap around porch will represent southern living at its best!

I want to share every step with you. I want to make this a refreshing experience and inspire others to take the risk, enjoy the ride, and celebrate the success.

I’m Tova.

I am a homemaker by choice, public relations professional by trade and home design enthusiast by passion.

I enjoy cooking and gardening with my husband, and baking and crafting with my three kids. I am always up for any creative challenge including art, writing and graphic design.

I am the founder of Maurelle Prints, which has produced invitations, print materials, stationery and inspirational home décor signs.

Most recently, I have opened an antique and interior booth which features old treasures and farmhouse finds.

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